4 The Best Greenscreens 2020 | How to Choose?

A green screen (also called green screen or chromakey) is considered by many streamers Stylistic device used because this highlights the person and thus a final touch can generate. The style element pays homage to great professionalism, whereby it must be clearly stated that this is not a must-have accessory, but can be used according to personal preferences. Nevertheless, there are people who find such an appearance better, more entertaining or simply more professional and may therefore rather leave a follow-up or even a subscription. If you want to learn more about streaming, you can watch our ultimate Twitch.tv guide.

On zockergear.de we now put our Greenscreen leaderboard for 2020 in front. As always, there is first Facts about green screens and everything you should know before buying. How does a green screen work and what are the most common mistakes that make especially newbies? How do I integrate the Chromakey into my stream?

What is a green screen?

As a tool that originally comes from the film industry and is now a main component of video rotating elements, the so-called green screen is used to determine certain Filter out color elements from a scene or video content. For example, the entire background can be hidden in a transparent form or replaced by other backgrounds.

One of the most well-known examples is a weather moderator, who apparently works with elements in the program, but which do not exist during filming and are only subsequently implemented with software. Streamers use this technique to, for example, remove the space behind them and instead act like a floating person in the video.

How does a green screen work?

The Chromakey or green screen is used to automatically filter out the green background afterwards or in direct recording, for example during streaming, and to replace the background with other image material. Here can also be a transparent background to be chosen. There is really nothing more to say about this. However, it is important that the color of the background, in this case green, is not associated with clothing of the same color. The individual elements would also be filtered.

Why is a green Hitnergrund used?

This has a purely practical background. Since the green color does not occur in most cases, unless you have green eyes or are just preparing for the carnival or Halloween, the color green brings with it the fewest complications and malfunctions. This eliminates post-processing on the person, for example, and thus a lot of work.

What are the areas of application for green screens?

The advantages of a green Chromakey are too strong to be different from the Film and television industry could be ignored. This greatly simplifies the entire post-production process and lets your creative streak run free. In addition, many action scenes and scenery would not be possible without green screens. Accordingly, the green box – another name for a chromakey – is a key element of today’s television.

Furthermore, help yourself Photographers on the green box technology. Usually the transparent background is used here. Especially on websites of companies, on which mostly high-ranking people of a company can be found, images are used that use the green screen as an aid in the recording.

Live streaming on platforms like Twitch.tv, Youtube and Co. is more popular than ever. Here, too, a chromakey is often used, for example to hide the space behind it or to offer a more personalized stream.

Are there certain advantages for streamers who use a green screen?

Anyone who has a Twitch account and regularly streams on it can use the Green Box methodology. The majority of viewers watch a live broadcast because they want to follow the personality behind the camera and see its reactions to all events. With the help of a Chromakey the Focus on impressions and emotions be placed, which can result in more entertainment and thereby an increased audience volume is possible.

What types of green screens are there?

Foldable green screens

Foldable chromakeys are often very easy and quick to set up. That is why they are ideal for mobile recordings. The background is rather small and is usually only suitable for portraits. Whole body shots are not possible with the majority of foldable chromakeys.

Extendable Chromakeys

Extendable green screens are for small spaces suitable. They can be extended from the hard shell housing and assembled within a few seconds. In addition, they offer a much larger background compared to the foldable model, which is also wrinkle-free. The disadvantage of this model is its mobility.

For the extraordinary streamer – the Chromakey suit

On Twitch.tv you can often see people who want to offer a special livestream and agree unique selling point need. For example, a streamer that primarily broadcasts CS: GO gameplay has inserted a dog as an entertainer. With a suitable Chromakey suit, for example, you could pretend to be Iron Man or some other figure. There are no limits to creativity here.

If you want to entertain properly, you can use the suit as a stylistic device and possibly reach many viewers and let your channel go viral. Individuality and a dollop of peculiarity are spread faster on the net than you can see.

What is a blue screen?

The blue screen or the blue box basically serves the same purpose as a green Chromakey. The only difference here is the background color, which is blue. In fact, the green one has replaced the blue Chromakey in recent years. One reason is that most people have blue eyes and often wear blue clothes. Producers claim that with a green screen there are fewer errors in the recordings.

Purchase criteria for a green screen

Evaluation criteria such as that are suitable as comparison instruments before buying a green screen size or that material. Producers who develop their content on the go attach great importance to that Weightwith which the scope of application also plays a crucial role. One should also be considered uniform coloring of the entire canvas. Otherwise the Chromakey filter will complain in the software and will not display the image optimally.

The following questions should therefore be answered before buying:

  • How will I use my green screen?
  • How big must the green box be?
  • How heavy can the Chromakey be?
  • What material do I need and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

We would like to give more information about the material, since there are differences here and it is an important criterion for a purchase.


Firstly, there are fabric green screens. Paper is also an option, but it is not recommended. The reason for this is the enormous susceptibility to wrinkles. Furthermore, a wall can also be provided with the matching Chromakey color and used accordingly as a green screen canvas.

Here is a short table about the material and its advantages and disadvantages:

+ Low cost

+ large selection

– Prone to wrinkle uneven lighting

+ Very suitable for mobile recordings, because it is very light and robust

– Usable area significantly smaller than that of cotton screens

+ cheapest option

+ No knowledge of attachment necessary

– Significantly more complex lighting is necessary to exploit full potential

Our greenscreen leaderboard for streamers

Elgato Green Screen – extendable chroma key panel

Elgato Green Screen - extendable chroma key panel

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The model from Elgato has an automatically locking frame and ensures absolute freedom from wrinkles and wrinkles. The size is perfect for common room sizes and thanks to the firm stand, the Chromakey by Elgato can be set up and stable within a few seconds. The maximum height of 180cm is more than sufficient for recordings in the stream and with a width of 148cm has enough space to completely cover the image of the facecam. If the Chromakey is not used, it can be shrunk to just under 12cm and easily stowed away.

Neewer Greenscreen – Chromakey with automatically lockable frame

Neewer Greenscreen - Chromakey with automatically lockable frame

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The Chromakey from Neewer can be compared to the Elgato green screen. The model is available in two versions: large and small, whereby the small model corresponds to the exact dimensions of the Elgato, i.e. 148 x 180 cm – when unfolded. Since the green screen from Neewer also has a stand and “rolls out” the screen when it is being set up, the Chromakey is basically free of creases and wrinkles. Although the mechanism is modeled on the Elgato, according to customer recessions it is still lacking in implementation.

Neewer 6 x 9 FT / 1.8 x 2.8 M Pro Foto Studio

Neewer 6 x 9 FT / 1.8 x 2.8 M Pro Photo Studio

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Probably the cheapest option for a green screen, but without any accessories like a tripod. For this, this model has an introduction for a fixing rod. The material, which consists of 100% cotton and is therefore perfect for ironing and has a long-lasting effect, is extremely positive. Furthermore, all edges of the green screen are closed and thus “free”.

PhotoSEL BD123GU green screen

PhotoSEL BD123GU green screen

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This Chromakey is primarily intended for mobile applications, as it is extremely light and can be easily transported and set up. The material used here is not cotton, but plastic. Therefore, there should be no wrinkle and kink problems. Although the Chromakey is designed for mobile use, it can also be used in the room with a suspension. The horizontal and vertical span is easily sufficient, especially for small shots like the Facecam in streams.

Common shortcomings in cheap green screens

A decent Chromakey costs money, which we have found in our Greenscreen leaderboard. Of course, there are also inexpensive variants that I checked a little in my research. In the reviews, these models often use:

  • uneven colors
  • poor workmanship
  • and increased kinking and wrinkling

spoken. However, these three aspects are important for a functional setup. Due to strong folds and kinks, video programs, including OBS, sometimes have difficulties in clearly recognizing the color. In the worst case, there may be holes in the image.

Here’s how to set up your Chromakey filter in OBS

The Open Broadcaster software is the most most used streaming software, which is why we explicitly go into the configuration of the Chromakey filter in this application. If you are not familiar with the software, you should take a look at our OBS Tutorial 2020. There we go into all the important controls and the configurations of the program. First, a video recording device, in this case your camera, must be inserted into the scene. Then right-click on the camera and jump to the “Filters” section.

Now you have to Effect filter add a Chromakey filter. Select the “+” the Chromakey filter and change the color until your background is no longer visible. You can easily take this step with “Choose color” skip. All you have to do is “Custom be chosen for the color.

This should normally complete the setup. Depending on the model, you have to tweak the similarities to get a perfect picture.

The most common beginner mistakes when working with a green screen

Wear the wrong clothes

Avoid clothes in the color of the chroma key! Identical and similar colors may be recognized by the software and therefore filtered out. Those who do not want to be seen as floating heads in their stream should avoid sweaters and T-shirts with similar and above all the same colors.

Hard transitions between scenes / recordings with auto focus

Since the autofocus ensures hard transitions between individual scenes and recordings, errors can occur. Of course, such a transition can also be used as a stylistic device, but most producers use manual autofocus here.

Too little / too much lighting

Too low and too strong lighting causes noise in the Chromakey filter and therefore poor quality. Due to the dark and too bright brightness, the coloring is distorted and the software has increasing problems in processing.

Wrinkles on the background

Keep the green screen as wrinkle and crease free as possible. We previously described that the images can be affected by folds and kinks. If in doubt, use an iron!


Is there an optimal green screen for streamers? In my opinion, the model from Elgato is perfect if you want to work with a Chromakey. Although it costs more than other variants, it brings with it a firm footing, quick assembly and optimal quality. With our Greenscreen leaderboard 2020 you are well advised, which makes the purchase decision much easier.

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