Radiation protection for the mobile phone – protective film and cover

Almost every one of us has a cell phone that is rarely put down. We mostly forget that our phones are in constant contact with the mobile station. Every time a connection is established, be it phone calls or text messages, radiation is generated when the data is transmitted. This is because Smartphones Use high-frequency, electromagnetic fields to transmit and receive the data. The user does not notice any of the radiation that he is exposed to every day. This radiation is suspected to be harmful to health. In order to prevent this phenomenon, companies have come up with solutions that should protect our health.

What types of variants are there?

Contrary to the standard envelopes, which come in many shapes and colors, such as https://www.handyhuellen.de/ products such as radiation protection films and covers are offered by some companies. These are intended to reduce the radiation that we are exposed to when using our mobile phones and to protect our health.

Radiation protection covers

On the one hand there is the radiation protection cover. This is the radiation behavior of the Smartphones optimize and continue to ensure the best reception. The Cover looks like a normal one Case for the smartphone, with the difference that radiation is reduced. The idea is to direct more energy in the direction of the cell phone station so that less radiation is emitted towards our body.

Radiation protection film

The second common method is the radiation protection film. This is attached to the back of the smartphone. The film consists of a fine mesh with silver salt technology and copper coating. In this way, the energy that emanates from the smartphone should be absorbed by the film when using a smartphone. The radiation is reduced and the reception should not suffer.

Radiation reduction tips

With the products mentioned, there is still no real innovation that offers lasting protection. To protect yourself a little, when buying a mobile phone you can make sure that it has the lowest possible SAR value (specific absorption rate). The lower the value, the less radiation the phone has. Furthermore, you should get used to using a headset when making calls. As a result, you are not directly exposed to cell phone radiation and keep enough distance. In addition, it should be avoided to make calls when reception is poor, since the cell phone emits the most radiation when reception is poor. If you go to sleep in the evening, it is advisable to store the phone at a greater distance from the bed or to switch it off during the night.


Caring for his health is justified. The solutions of the radiation protection film and covers is a good approach but not recommended. In both cases, protection seems to be guaranteed at first glance, but unfortunately this is different in practice. The cellular network and mobile phone always match the lowest transmission power. By shielding the cover or the film, the phone has to use more energy to establish the connection to the mobile station. The case and the foil shield the phone very well. The smartphone increases the level until good reception is restored. In this way, more radiation is emitted than if the film or the cover were not installed.

Radiation protection for the mobile phone – protective film and cover

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