Smart Gadgets: These products make everyday life easier

We present you an Alexa alternative, a smart thermostat, a tuner for your stereo and much more.


Floor cleaning does not always have to be carried out laboriously by hand. With the DEEBOT OZMO 900 you will be actively supported by a powerful robot. In addition to the robot and the associated charging station, the scope of delivery includes a brush and an extension for direct suction. The latter is particularly recommended for households with cats or dogs, since the animal hair is better sucked up with a direct suction. A cleaning cloth for wet wiping is also included. The cloth is attached to the bottom and then the tank is filled with water. The robot now automatically recognizes that wet cleaning is required.

The smart helper can be operated effortlessly with the app “ECOVACS Home” or the Alexa voice control. At the first start, the apartment is automatically measured and then a floor plan is created. He also recognizes obstacles DEEBOT OZMO and just bypasses it. The complete cleaning is also documented in the app and, if desired, areas that have not become so clean can be scanned again and cleaned again. As can be seen in the screenshot on the left, areas can also be drawn which should not be cleaned. This is particularly useful for wet cleaning, since here e.g. Carpets are left outside.

technology: The lasers scan the surroundings and the robot even avoids small obstacles.

cleaning: For wet wiping, the cleaning cloth is attached to the underside of the robot.

+Automatic maps for the most efficient cleaning route are created. The volume is not uncomfortable for pets.
The loading times in the app could be a bit shorter.


  • Price: 449 euros
  • Scope of delivery: robot, four side brushes, two fine dust filters, charging station, water tank
  • Connectivity: WLAN (app / Alexa)
  • Features: obstacle detection, fine dust filter system
  • Purchase –


In combination with the associated app, a cleaning plan can be created quickly and easily. Daily cleaning then works completely autonomously. The robot’s low volume is particularly positive.


L800HX speaker

Gigaset smart speaker L800HX with

With the L800HX speaker from Gigaset not only get a smart loudspeaker in your home, but also a voice-controlled hands-free phone. In connection with a DECT-capable base station or a corresponding router, you can call any landline or mobile phone connection. Visually, however, there is no denying a certain similarity to Amazon’s Echo. Thanks to the extremely powerful loudspeaker and an excellent microphone, calls can be made in excellent voice quality. In combination with the Alexa app, all functions of the intelligent voice control are available. For example, you can query the weather, find out what the cinemas in your area are playing or what the odds of certain competitions are. Afterwards you can e.g. on Play comeon and place bets.
+Good workmanship, excellent sound quality, powerful microphone
Time-consuming setup, app is still in the development stage


  • Price: 199.99 euros
  • Scope of delivery: speaker, power supply
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, WLAN, DECT, 3.5 mm jack plug
  • Features: voice control, compatible with DECT radio standard
  • Purchase –


Since the app is still in the development stage, setting up the loudspeaker is very time-consuming and requires a look at the operating instructions. Otherwise, the L800HX with its range of functions across the board.


Smart AC Control V3


This compact control element from the manufacturer tado ° is the perfect connection between your air conditioner and your smartphone. If you have installed the tado ° app on your phone, you can use it to control your air conditioning. With just one tap, you can change the temperature, adjust the cooling strength or simply switch the air conditioning on and off, whether at home or on the go. In addition, the Smart AC Control V3 + thanks to Alexa connection and the corresponding skill can be controlled by voice command.

+Compact dimensions, temperature adjustable both via the app and the integrated touch display
Control element must be installed near the air conditioning system due to the infrared sensor


  • Price: 99.99 euros
  • Scope of delivery: control element, power supply, adhesive tape for wall mounting
  • Connectivity: WLAN
  • Features: LED display, sensors for temperature, humidity, ambient light, noise
  • Purchase –


The establishment of the Smart AC Control V3 + works particularly easily thanks to the app and voice control via Alexa works extremely well. Only the search for the optimal position is a little more difficult and sometimes several attempts are necessary to find it.

Rating: GOOD


The EZVIZ The surveillance camera immediately sends a notification to the smartphone in the event of suspicious activity. A built-in siren and a particularly bright light ring ensure optimal deterrence of the potential burglar. In combination with an Echo Show, the camera can not only be controlled by voice, but you can also view real-time recordings directly on the display of the smart assistant. The dual antenna, which ensures particularly reliable data transmission, has proven to be particularly practical.

+360 degree swivel ball joint, micro SD slot
Push notifications without pictures


  • Price: 59.99 euros
  • Scope of delivery: camera, power cable, screws for wall mounting
  • Connectivity: WLAN
  • Features: infrared night vision, slot for micro SD memory card, voice control
  • Purchase –


The EZVIZ surveillance camera is both watertight and dustproof, making it ideal for use outdoors in your home.


AUKEY Bluetooth transmitter

With the AUKEY Bluetooth transmitter transmit Bluetooth signals from a non-Bluetooth-enabled device to devices that support this type of transmission. For example, you can connect your television or stereo system to Bluetooth speakers or headphones. The clear and easy-to-use touch display provides all relevant information regarding the connection status and audio mode at all times.

+Simultaneous connection of two wireless devices possible
Pairing headphones a bit awkward


  • Price: 49.99 euros
  • Scope of delivery: transmitter, USB cable, jack plug cable
  • Connectivity: AUX, USB, Bluetooth // Features: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Purchase –


The AUKEY Bluetooth transmitter thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 ensures a particularly reliable connection over a range of up to 50 meters.

Rating: GOOD


The streaming tuner with the bulky name “IT900MBT“Is ideal for upgrading your stereo system and adding functions such as Internet radio or Spotify. With the help of the built-in multiroom function, the songs can be played on all speakers that are connected to the home network. Thanks to the app available for Android and iOS, the stereo system can be conveniently controlled using a smartphone.

+Control via app, multi-room function
Plastic surface is prone to fingerprints


  • Price: 119 euros
  • Scope of delivery: streaming tuner, 3.5 mm audio cable, USB charger
  • Connectivity: WLAN, USB, 3.5 mm jack plug
  • Features: app control, internet radio
  • Purchase –


The setup is completed in a short time thanks to the free app. Due to its range of functions, the tuner is the ideal addition to the stereo system.



Using the manufacturer’s smart thermostat Gigaset save heating costs and can control your radiators comfortably via smartphone. The supplied base station is the heart of this smart control system and connects the individual thermostats with the app. For example, you can adjust the room temperature on the way home via the app.

+Easy installation, compatible with other Gigaset sensors
When connecting for the first time, the thermostat must be close to the base station


  • Price: € 149.99
  • Scope of delivery: three heating adapters, base station, batteries
  • Connectivity: DECT
  • Features: controllable via app
  • Purchase –


The smart thermostat controls the heating temperature reliably and is installed in just a few steps. A timer for a specific temperature can be set using the associated free app.


Comfort, control and a perfect result thanks to smart gardening

A garden that takes care of itself? With intelligent devices such as irrigation control and robotic lawnmowers from GARDENA is that possible. Modern gardeners have used the free GARDENA smart app you can see your green from anywhere and can individually regulate the mowing and irrigation cycles.

Have a relaxed barbecue and enjoy the time in the garden! The smart gardener leaves time-consuming mowing and watering to the new technologies. With the free GARDENA smart app for iOs, Android and the web, he is always in contact with his green paradise. It combines comfort, freedom and full control GARDENA smart system Irrigation and lawn care in one system. The result: a perfectly maintained garden with no effort.

GARDENA smart SILENO life: quiet, precise, regardless of the weather

Robotic lawnmowers from GARDENA do the lawn cutting reliably and fully automatically. Mows thanks to the SensorCut system SILENO-Model absolutely precise and creates a clean cut. He doesn’t mind wind and weather, he’s just always on the grass. The neighbors will not notice anything from the hardworking helper, because he is max. 60db quieter than ever. In addition to the intuitive control panel on the robotic lawnmower, the settings can also be made directly in the GARDENA smart app be made. Status information can also be called up and the mowing program can be adjusted at any time if necessary. Irrigation and mowing times can also be reduced thanks to the GARDENA smart systems be individually coordinated. This is how the garden becomes smart.

Water fully automatically and cleverly

Today, nobody has to get up early to water the flowers before the intense sunlight: everyone can be done with the app smart system Control irrigation devices completely automatically. And when it rains, the system thinks: smart water control or smart irrigation In conjunction with the smart sensor, they supply the plants precisely when they really need the water. If you want to use rainwater or groundwater for your home and garden, this is also the right place for you: The home and garden automat with built-in irrigation computer provides sustainable watering for vegetables, plants and the lawn.

1. Water-saving sensor technology: the GARDENA smart sensor measures the soil moisture, light intensity, outside temperature and adjusts the gained factors to the irrigation control.

2nd With the GARDENA smart Power Adapter plugs can be used to conveniently control wired devices such as garden lighting, water features or fairy lights using the app.

3rd The modern gardener can relax because that GARDENA smart Water Control irrigated in combination with the GARDENA smart sensor fully automatic.

4th Always in view of the garden – with that GARDENA smart system Lawn care, irrigation and much more about that GARDENA App Taxes.

Many services in one app

When the lawn has quenched its thirst, the water feature starts next to the terrace, fully automatically with the light and suitable for a relaxing evening. He takes care of that GARDENA smart Power Intermediate plug to which any wired devices for outdoor use can be connected and controlled via app. In addition, the app integrates popular platforms for the smart home, such as the NETATMO Presence or various models of the Husqvarna Automower. Users can GARDENA smart system Use devices with the Apple HomeKit and the cloud platform IFTTT.

Photo credit: GARDENA

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