VPN for a better gaming experience: you should know that

VPN as a performance booster for gaming?

Most now know that a VPN privacy on the web can protect. If you use a VPN, no one can see your correct IP address, which makes you virtually anonymous. Data that you send or receive is also encrypted. It is clear that a virtual private network can be useful for companies or for private individuals who work on the computer.

Advantages of a VPN for gamers

In the meantime, many gamers are also opting for its use, since it can also lead to some advantages in the area of ​​online games. You will find out which they are if you continue reading.

1. Ping times can be reduced

Multiplayer games have been around for more than two decades, but they’re more popular than ever at the moment. The worst thing that can happen to a gamer is long ping times and high latency. Under Ping times is the time that elapses between sending a data packet to a recipient and receiving the response packet. The lower the ping, the better. When it comes to gaming in particular, the most important thing is to react as quickly as possible. Every millisecond counts.

By connecting via VPN to a server that is closer to the main server of the game, you can reduce ping times and generally avoid delays.

2. Avoid blocking peer-to-peer connections

A P2P connection is an easy and quick way to share files with many people. However, many Internet providers do not like this because all users who share the same files can see the IP addresses of the others. This simplifies data exchange, but unfortunately data protection suffers. So if your internet service provider determines that you are using P2P connections, they may be blocked.

With a VPN, blockages against peer-to-peer connections on the part of the Internet provider can be easily avoided.

3. Geo-locks are no longer a problem

Some content that can be found on the World Wide Web is not intended for all countries. Some of them are prohibited due to the legal guidelines of the respective country. This can apply to games, news sites or videos. It may also be the case that you can only enjoy them from your region in a censored form. With a VPN you can decide for yourself which server you want to connect to.

For example, if you live in Germany and want to play a game that is only available in the USA, you can connect to a server in the USA and the problem is solved.

4. Test the games before the others

Most often, the US is ahead when it comes to the release of new games. Many popular games come out here some time earlier than, for example, in Germany. In this case you have the chance again to choose a server in the USA and try the game of your choice before the official release date in your country.

Test Phantasie Star Online 2 over VPN

Fantasy Star Online 2: Play Beta from the USA via VPN in Germany; Image source: Mein-MMO

5. Improved privacy

When it comes to gaming, it can of course also happen that you meet other players who are not really interested in the fun of the game, but who are more interested in your personal data. Since a VPN disguises your IP address, you are also anonymous when playing online and thus much less vulnerable.

6. Protection against DDoS attacks

The abbreviation DDoS stands for Distributed Denial Of Service attacks. This is about bombarding a server with so many requests in a very short time, until it finally crashes. This type of attack is becoming increasingly common, especially in competitive gaming. Finally, this can shut down a player’s connection and kick him out of the game, for example, just before winning.

By disguising your IP address with a VPN, you are not directly vulnerable to attack. And even if your server is attacked, you can easily and quickly switch to another.

7. Play together from anywhere

LAN parties are still popular with many gamers. That is why there is still a mode for many games in which it is possible to connect several PCs and laptops via a local network so that everyone can play together. However, not all players with whom you would like to gamble are always united in one place. The setup works very easily and quickly with just one click. However, you have to your VPN provider choose carefully because many do not allow this LAN mode.

With a VPN, you can create a LAN over the Internet and play with friends from all over the world as if you were all in the same room.

Conclusion: does a VPN bring me advantages when gaming?

As you can see, using a VPN is also an advantage for gamers. This not only offers you a high level of security, but also some special advantages especially for gamers. We have summarized all advantages and disadvantages for you in a short overview.


  • Reduction of ping

  • P2P connections possible

  • Bypass geoblocking

  • Possibility to test games in advance

  • LAN mode via VPN


  • Good VPN providers cost money

  • Increased disconnections with bad VPN providers

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