Traffic Rider

If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle in traffic, you’re probably aware of the required concentration and cannot be ignored lest you become a victim of road accidents. However, if you’ve never had a chance to experience such, chances are you’ve imagined yourself or played a game or two to see what it’s like.

There are hundreds and probably thousands of traffic games available that can depict what cruising between traffic at fluctuating speeds feels like. The Traffic Rider APK is one of the most nostalgic and popular racing simulators for such scenarios.

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What is Traffic Rider APK?

Traffic Rider APK is a free first-person driving game that puts players behind the handlebars of a motorbike. The players are challenged to a race against the traffic on the road, and they collect points as they ride further without crashing into any vehicle.

The game also has amazing graphics, much more detailed than previous versions, and realistic bike sounds. The endless highway roads are full of vehicles, and it’s your job to overtake the traffic, earn rewards, get new and better bikes and finish the missions in career mode.

App Details

NameTraffic Rider
DeveloperSoner Kara
Size94 MB
Last updatedDecember 01, 2023

Download Traffic Rider APK Latest Version for Android

Traffic Rider APK isn’t just another silly app that’s designed to help keep you from getting bored. While it also does this, it also helps increase the player’s concentration because the more you beat the traffic, the harder the challenges get and the more demanding your concentration needs to be.

Players also get to work on their reaction times as they try dodging vehicles in front of them and make it to the furthest point of their careers. With the rewards earned, you can upgrade your bike or get a new one with better functionality. Get your Android device’s latest version of the Traffic Rider APK from the safe link below.

Mod Info
  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

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First Person Camera View

Traffic Rider APK is a first-person racing game, meaning you’d be playing it as though you’re riding the bike. The camera puts you directly at the front, allowing you to monitor the gauges and speedometer while looking out for traffic.

20+ Bikes Garage

There are over 20 bikes to choose from in the garage or shop, each of which comes with its own possible upgrades. Some bikes may be locked out of lower levels and can only be purchased once the player advanced further into their career.

Realistic Effects


The sounds are on point. From the engine and turbo to the brakes and horn, everything sounds so real, giving you that realistic experience on the road.

Supports Multiple Languages

The game’s interface has been translated into various languages for the players to choose their preferred one.

Multiple Missions

Tons of missions in career mode keep you occupied and always on the highway, trying to earn more rewards.

Detailed Environments

Take the bike out for a spin in a detailed and realistic environment that tries to capture all aspects of the highway during the day and night.

Final Words

Once you start playing the game, it would be difficult to stop yourself because the experience is definitely worthwhile. However, remember, it’s just a game, not the training simulator, that can guarantee your real-time success on a motorbike. Enjoy the application and leave the real-time action to the pros.

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