Among Us

In a post-apocalyptic world, survival would be the most important aspect of life. Survivors would do their best to work together and fend off anything or anyone that could threaten their existence.

In such scenarios, there’s always an intruder or backstabber within the group as illustrated by the many movies on Netflix. There are also many games that capture some of the best post-apocalyptic themes and today, we’ll discuss a people’s favorite, Among Us APK.


What is Among Us?

Among Us is a mobile game application that blends the boundaries between reality and the supernatural, as well as between good and evil. You are an ordinary person who learns that there are dark forces around you. It’s up to you to choose which side you want to be on – fight the darkness or be consumed by it.

As you progress in the game, your character can become more powerful by using different weapons, armours, skills, potions, and much more. Play now for free!

App Details

NameAmong Us Mod Menu
DeveloperInnersloth LLC
Size85 MB
Last updatedDecember 01, 2023


Multiplayer Mode

With Among Us, you can come together with family and friends and create a common game room from which all of you can play the game together on the same server. You can also join other players worldwide and take your chances as a crewmate or an imposter.


Among Us offers players a wide range of fun and quirky customization features whereby users can select different costumes for their characters, play using different colours, and even get a pet that follows them wherever they go during gameplay.

Minimalistic Design

Among Us doesn’t feature high-end graphics or have extreme sound effects that are exciting. The game was suggestively designed to appease people addicted to the meme culture with minor sound effects of various space-related machines. While it might not have high-definition graphics, the game is very entertaining and addictive.

Easy to Play

Once downloaded, users can immediately play the game without any difficulty. All you have to do as a crew member is avoid being killed and finish your assigned duties before the time runs out. As an imposter, you aim to kill off the crew members without being noticed or voted out in the group meeting. If you die, the best you can do is turn into a ghost and spectate.

Download Among Us Mod Menu APK for Android

You can now access the app for free from the Google Play Store. All you need is your Android device, and you can download the Among Us APK for free without spending a dime on anything, including ads or in-app purchases. You can also get the latest version of Among Us from the link provided below.

Mod Info
  • Unlock pets
  • Unlock Heats
  • Unlock Skins
  • Supervision to remove the black shadows
  • No Leave Cooldown
  • You can Speed up the movement
  • Snowboard mode
  • Increase reports of body size
  • God mode fake trolling
  • No wait in Emergency Time
  • Disappear from the meeting after the first vote
  • Know who is an imposter, and there is a 50% chance of getting the correct one.
  • Select Ghost speed.
  • Choose the colours of the characters.
  • No Kill Cooldown
  • No Advertisement
  • You don’t die
  • Chat always visible
  • Send unlimited message

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Final words

There’s not much to say about Among Us APK that you didn’t know before. It’s a survival game with you traipsing around a mysterious world, surviving in a hostile environment, and so on. Among Us, APK has been a part of the Play Store for a while, and in case you missed it, it’s basically an online game; all you need is a network connection to play.