Dream League Soccer 2023

Football or soccer is the biggest game in the world, with hundreds of millions of die-hard fans, each of whom would sacrifice a limb to support their teams. Not surprisingly, football video games are a massive and popular franchise, with those like FIFA and PES taking the lead in both console and smartphone interfaces.

However, there are many other exciting soccer games that people still haven’t experienced, and Dream League Soccer is an excellent example. Here, we touch on Dream League Soccer Menu APK and all its fun experiences.


What is Dream League Soccer 2023 Menu APK?

The Dream League Soccer Menu APK is simply the modified version of the original game Dream League Soccer published by First Touch Games Ltd. Its primary purpose is to simplify the gameplay for users by providing exciting features that allow players to progress further into the game or easily win matches.

For instance, if you’re ever playing a career game and the AI seems to be dominating the game, the mod menu offers you the option of dummy opponents, whereby all your opponents’ skills are suppressed, leaving you to play against dummies. Other incredible features include no fouls or offside plays, endless substitutions, and a timer freeze, among others.

App Details

NameDream League Soccer
DeveloperFirst Touch Games Ltd.
Size400 MB
Last updated onDecember 01, 2023

Download Dream League Soccer Menu APK for Android

The Menu APK is free to download and contains no paid subscriptions or in-app purchases. Once you get the game from a relevant third-party site, you can start playing and taking advantage of the incredible mods available.

What’s more, unlike the original game, the Menu APK contains no ads, which brings you pop-ups and video ads with every chance it gets. Download the latest version of Dream League Soccer Menu APK from the link provided below:

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No Fouls

With this feature turned on in the Menu, all fouls in the matches will be foregone. This means there are no repercussions for foul play, and players can play as rough as they can.

No Offside


One of the most depressing feelings in the game is when you’re about to score or may have just scored a goal, but it’s declared an offside and, therefore, no goal is conceived. The Menu allows players to turn off all offside rules in the game.

Dummy Opponents

If you feel overwhelmed in the game, this feature will turn your opponents into dummies allowing you to take over the game and turn the table in your favor with as many goals as you’d like.

Timer Freeze

If you need more time to settle a match, you can always take this option that freezes the timer allowing you to play for as long as you’d like until you get the desired results.

Endless Substitutions

There is no limit to how many subs you can make with this feature, allowing you to change players accordingly as many times as you’d like.

Dummy Keeper

The goalkeeper becomes a dummy and won’t make an effort to save any goal that comes their way.

Final Words

Build your dream team and level up in your career to become the ultimate dream team today with Dream League Soccer Menu APK today. Download the app today and enjoy never-ending fun and sports action on your Android device.