Subway Surfers

What are some of the most nostalgic games that shook the mobile world? There are hundreds of these legendary heroes that kept us from being bored most of the time and were even the epitome of other people’s childhood back in the day. Angry Birds, Temple Run, and Subway Surfers are some of the most prominent veterans in the mobile gaming world and we have much to thank the creators for because they were spectacular in entertaining our lives from the palm of our hands. Today, we’ll review Subway Surfers and what it is that people who’ve never played it missed out on.


What is Subway Surfers APK?

Have you ever played a game whose main mission is to flee whoever or whatever it is chasing you for as long as possible? Well, Subway Surfers APK has a similar concept. It’s a free action game like Temple Run that requires players to run away from the police in an abandoned train station full of many obstacles and rewards along the way. The game only stops once you crash and get caught but can immediately get back to the chase with the tap of a button.

App Details

NameSubway Surfers
DeveloperSYBO Games
Size150 MB
Last updated onJanuary 01, 2023

Download Subway Surfers APK for Android

With Subway Surfers, you’ll have to move your character between existing lanes by swiping your finger across the screen. Your duty is to jump low obstacles, dodge high ones, pick up useful gadgets like a jetpack and gravity boots, and avoid getting hit by incoming trains among others. The coins you pick along the way can help you upgrade your character or give you a boost within the game giving you a better chance of beating the high scores on the leadership boards. With impressive graphics and a colorful environment, you’d never want to stop running. Play the latest version of the application by downloading the APK from the link provided.

Mod Info
  • Unlimited money
  • Keys
  • Hoverboards
  • Boosters
  • Infinite jumps
  • No ads

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Colorful & Good-quality Graphics


There’s color all around you. The Subway world is full of different colors from all types of artistry such as graffiti among others. Similarly, the graphics are insane thus, giving players an exceptional experience in every chase.

Fast Swipe Reactions

The reaction time for every swipe is insane allowing players to test out their concentration and reaction times to various obstacles in their ways.

High-tech Gadgets


Jetpacks, gravity boots, and boosters are just a few of the many cool and amazing gadgets available to help you keep the chase going and earn even bigger rewards.

Amazing Upgrades

With the rewards earned, players can upgrade their characters and even customize them as per their liking.

Different Characters to Choose From

There are multiple characters you can unlock each of whom come with their own special upgrades for you to enjoy.

Leadership Board

There’s always a leadership board that shows you the highest scores in your region compared to yours allowing you to get the motivation you need to do much better than the previous chase.

Final Words

Dash as fast as your tiny legs can carry you and dodge all the obstacles in your way in this amazing mobile game. The app has been with us since 2012 and never once has it lost its gaming appeal. Take to the subway today and test your chase skills with the many missions ahead.