MAD FUT 23 Draft & Pack Opener

Football as we know it is the world’s biggest and most celebrated sport, and FIFA has grown into one of its biggest franchises. The only probable downside to the game is the constant need for updates since players keep transferring to different teams, new managers are hired, and new tactics are adopted.

However, to keep up with the changing trends in these games, newer versions are released, or extra features and updates are installed into the existing ones. For the mobile version of FIFA, we have the MAD FUT 23 Draft & Pack Opener APK and this guide serves to introduce you to it.


What is MAD FUT 23 Draft & Pack Opener APK?

MAD FUT 23 Draft & Pack Opener APK is a free and exciting football game designed as an extended version of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. If you’ve ever had the chance to play FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, you would be aware of the intense gameplay and fantastic experience that it brings to your screens.

However, there are a few missing features and content that would have made the game perfect, and the MAD FUT 23 Draft & Pack Opener APK was designed to provide just that.

This app is filled with upgraded game features that allow players to experience new gaming modes and up-to-date content, such as team lineups, among others.

The game encourages you to draft players from various leagues and create your dream team. You can build an amazing squad, earn epic rewards, and even unique cards offering the most sought after legends like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. You can even decide to play fatal against other online players and use your own card collection to compete in various rating tournaments.

App Details

NameMAD FUT 23 Draft & Pack Opener
Size80 MB
Last updatedDecember 01, 2023


Build Squads and Drafts

MAD FUT allows Build your dream team squad and Drafts to compete in various knock-out tournaments.

SBC Groups


Compete in squad building challenges and complete various collections to get amazing rewards and earn unique cards. There are new rewards every week and new challenges to keep the excitement alive.


Use the teams you built in Draft to play Fatal and earn yourself new rewards every week.

Online Multiplayer

You can now play fatal against other online players and win various cards or rewards.

Trade Cards

You can connect with other players online and trade cards as well as packs in MadFut.

Fatal My Club

Compete in eight Rating Series using cards from your collection allowing you to improve your team and earn exquisite rewards.

Download MAD FUT 23 Draft & Pack Opener APK Latest Version

Complete the various objectives within the game to earn cards and other rewards with new prizes every week. You can even trade cards with other players online and enjoy the full FUT experience. You can get your version for free from the Play Store or follow the link below to download the latest version of the Mad Fut Mod APK.

Info: All Packs cost 0 coin

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Final Words

If you’re looking to enhance your FIFA 23 experience, download the MAD FUT 23 Draft & Pack Opener APK today and join the community of millions of fans in an exciting journey towards building your dream team. Get the app today and experience the joys of football.