Is reading your thing? Do you love consuming all there is to know about everything and anything? Do you enjoy reading articles? There is an app for that. Medium premium APK is made for people like you. It is made for people who are curious about the world and the knowledge it possesses and offers.

The apps experience is excellent. It is worthy to note that the amount of information available on the internet is vast. Thus, you may end up not quench the burning desire to read the necessary and relevant articles and information journals that matter to you.

Medium premium APK organizes this sheer volume of information into related catalogues according to different categories. On choosing a group, the news, articles, and journals that are provided to you are strictly related to the selected topic. This is ensured and followed through by the editors that curate the stories based on your likes and interests.

The editors also package the best stories into multi-part collections in the Medium APK that you can binge-read or save overtime for later light reading.

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What is Medium Premium APK?

Medium premium APK is a digital publisher app that provides stories in a variety of formats. Ranging from assorted pieces of interviews to in-depth reportage, photography, you name it. It is an advanced and enhanced version of the Medium app that comes for free.

This unlocked version of the Medium APK has premium features such as no ads, no restricted articles, distortions, noisy news feeds, or distractions whatsoever. The premium version guarantees you a great reading time with no disruptions ensuring that you read and consume all the necessary knowledge you can get.

It is a proven fact that learning uninterrupted and undisturbed enables you to gain and process information faster. This will strengthen your brain and build up your vocabulary, ensuring that you outshine your peers in any arguments or competition you participate in.

App Details

NameMedium Premium
Size14 MB
Updated onJanuary 01, 2023

Download Medium Premium APK Latest Version for Android

The latest version was recently launched with enhanced features. It has verification methods MD5, SHA1, and SHA256. It ensures that your passwords and personal information you share with Medium are stored securely, and the use of brute force or any other form of cyber-attack amounts to nothing.

The android package is standalone and can be found and downloaded in the play store. There is also the option of downloading the APK from your favourite browser. It is advisable to download Medium Premium APK from our HappyMod store, which is guaranteed to be verified and approved.


The Medium Premium APK is building for readers, and the features it possesses are designed and made with the readers’ considerations at heart. These features include:

Personalized feeds


The app ensures that you are in control. Streams of news feed, videos, stories, articles, and other contents are filtered according to your interests. The feed items are drawn from your search history, topics that you choose to follow, and previous input data during the creation of your account is designed to make Medium a haven for readers.

This flagship app will also alert you with quick hints of new content and information. The embedded search button in the app sorts out personalized content from the database and has a fresh new feature. It has an encoded predictive set that auto-fills as you type, saving you time and providing the vast available option of the initial input letters.

It allows you to click on the highlighted and auto-completed words to get its content. Collection of content that you care about and presenting it conveniently is our top priority, and we’ll ensure that you access it quickly for convenient reading. You can also bookmark your stories based on your reading list, highlight a specific paragraph or line that intrigues you, or even follow a particular writer and publisher whose work you love ensures that you never miss great stories and content.

No ads


We have all had an experience with the annoying and irritating pop-up ads that interrupt our surfing and, in our case, reading experience. These ads distort your formulated ideas and distract you from grasping the information you were reading on.

For writers


For story writers, content providers, and writing enthusiasts, you have not been forgotten. It has been noted by the developer teams that your aspirations know no bounds. You can compose a new story and post it for your readers and followers to enjoy your content.

Medium premium APK provides you with a platform to showcase your best works. It has created a home for quality thinking voiced in writing because we believe that ideas are worth noting. That is not all. Writers can be paid if their work attracts a large number of audiences that read their stories.

Everyday read


The Medium Premium APK has a smooth scroll effect that provides you with an efficient way to go through your personalized feed articles to your tailored interest. Content is also updated daily, ensuring that you always have new top-quality stories to read from.



The app also allows you to react appropriately to a particular story that speaks volumes to you. It also allows you to join in the conversation because you can write a response to any post right at the bottom after the story.



Medium premium APK curates 5 of the best available stories based on your interest and sends you a notification when ready. Also, in the case where someone wants to access your account from some other device, information is provided to you from the registered email allowing you to confirm or deny the legibility of the access so that it can be blocked or warranted. This guarantees the security of your account.

Library creation


The Medium Premium APK can let you synch your account to it so that when you are hooked to a story, you can easily pick up from where you left from your laptop or tablet. This feature is critical because you can keep track of the stories you read, and no tale is left unread.


The Medium Premium APK offers a variety of content, including articles and stories grouped in various categories ranging from romance, fantasy, comedy, etc. and that that’s not all.

Connection with other readers


Using Medium Premium APK enables you to join an elite club of story-lovers. This connection with passionate readers and writers lets an audience share your thoughts and views about specific entertaining topics. This audience that you share common ground with will prove helpful and will go a long way to ensure that you gain sufficient knowledge to broaden your knowledge base.

Final words

On making the right and informed choice to upgrade to Medium Premium APK, you are introduced to a world full of knowledge. You gain a new exciting but worth it and healthy addiction. The articles you will read provided to you by Medium guarantees you increase your vocabulary, thinking, and expressing your ideas and will offer you exposure to many new and complex words that you will learn of. Make your move to a premium account to enjoy all the benefits Medium has to offer.

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