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Here, In this page, you can download AmoledPix 4K Premium version which does have no-ads and pro features. Get the latest APK file with 100% working options. It is developed by AndroHolic and modded by Stabiron.

When picking out the best wallpaper, we tend to go for something exquisite, unique, and an image that best expresses a major part of us or our tastes. As such, wallpapers tell a lot about a person and their phones; thus, we pick the one that easily catches our attention the most. However, no one would want to download an app that only offers a limited range of wallpapers because this only tends to take up more space. This is why I’m introducing something special, unique and extravagant known as the AmoledPix 4k Premium.

AmoledPix 4k Premium APK Download Latest Version

What is AmoledPix 4k APK?

AmoledPix 4k Premium is an Android application that brings you high-quality wallpapers that best suit smartphones designed with Amoled screens. This is an upgrade of the free and basic version found on the Google Play Store because it contains all the unlocked premium features that users are restricted from in the free version. Download and apply some of the best wallpapers that are destined to transform your screen into an exciting display or art.

App Details

NameAmoledPix 4K Premium
Size12 MB
Updated onJanuary 01, 2023

Download AmoledPix 4k Latest Version for Android

The link to the latest version of the AmoledPix 4k Premium APK would be provided to you in the link below for free and with all the features accessible to anyone. You don’t need a paid subscription to get some of the best images on the internet.

Download the latest version of AmoledPix 4k Premium below free of charge.


Regular updates

AmoledPix 4k Premium gets regular updates

If you’re looking for something new, something out of the ordinary that isn’t related to the many images you’ve seen online while searching for wallpapers, then you can search for them in the latest category. AmoledPix 4k Premium gets regular updates from various sources or users some of which introduce amazing and unique designs suitable for bringing a different appeal into the screen of your phone. You would find diversity and creativity once you visit the app and head over to the latest options available.

Popular Premium Wallpapers


If you’re looking for the top trends in the wallpaper industry, you can browse through the popular section and find something worth your screen saver. Here, you would even find wallpapers that were originally designed for different OS, like iOS and Android devices.

Find out what most of the world prefers when it comes to wallpapers and download some of the best ones worldwide. Impress your friends whenever they take a peek at your screen because none of these wallpapers is ever uncool. They all have a story to tell and are worthy of your time as well as your phone’s display.

20+ Categories


There are over 20 categories to explore each with thousands of wallpapers to choose from with regular updates ensuring that you never run out of options. AmoledPix 4k Premium is your one stop hub for most of the best wallpapers found online sourced from all genres available. Depending on your tastes and preferences you can choose from the following categories among others:

  • Dope
  • Superhero
  • Dark
  • Aesthetic
  • Glitch
  • Gaming
  • Anime
  • Abstract
  • Nature
  • Architecture
  • Ocean
  • Girls
  • Cars
  • Movies

If you’re an anime enthusiast like I am, you’ll have an endless range of options from Dragon ball characters, like Goku, Saitama from One Punch Man, to the various avatar states from the many Avatar series. If you treasure the excitement of blockbuster superheroes, you can bring Comic-Con to your screen with some of the most powerful superheroes like the Hulk, Ironman, Batman or even Deadpool in 4K view whenever your screen turns on.  These are just a few of many available categories from which you can to give your phone the extreme makeover that it so much deserves.

Publish your personal artistic content


Not only is AmoledPix 4k a platform from which you can download and apply unique 4K wallpapers for free, but also a place to express the true artist in you. If you have a knack for creating exclusive and beautiful 4K wallpapers, then you can join the community and upload your personal creations for others to view and download.

Not only will people notice your talent and download your contributions, but you may also receive the necessary criticism you need to improve and get better. Furthermore, the recognition might gain you followers to build your own fan club and increase the audience for your work on various social media platforms. You can do much more than you’d ever have imagined with the AmoledPix 4k Premium.

Edit wallpapers


Whenever you download any wallpaper application, there are basically only two functions to which you can use. Download and apply the targeted image to your home screen. However, AmoledPix 4k Premiumgoes the extra mile by giving its users the opportunity to edit the wallpaper images before downloading them in the first place.

Users can opt to crop or blur the images to fit their preferences. So, whenever you think blurring an image can potentially make it better, or would want to crop a wallpaper so it can fit your screen size perfectly, then you can do so using the AmoledPix 4k.

Give your opinion


How many apps actually let you criticize someone’s work, and especially when they’re offering it for download? Your opinion always matters whenever it comes to art whether you’re excited about it and would love to offer your compliments or pointing out areas of improvement. Either way, AmoledPix 4k Premium lets you give your opinion in the comment section for every wallpaper available. This way, you can air out your views about a specific image.



AmoledPix 4k Premium contains no ads that would distract your experience ensuring your time looking for some of the most intriguing images online. This is the best feature in the pro options.

Final Words

Once you download the app and give your screen an extreme makeover, you can mark your favorite pics as well as artists and even share the app with your friends; thus, building the community gradually and allowing more artists to showcase their work on the platform. Enjoy an amazing display with the AmoledPix 4k Premium.

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