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This is for the wallpaper fanatics. You ever wondered how it would feel having an app that lets you pick and set the time or date when the initial set wallpaper will appear? Well, Casualis Pro APK is here for you. You are guaranteed to have a new wallpaper when you want it without as much as lifting your finger.

Casualis Pro APK Download Latest Version for android

What is Casualis Pro APK?

Casualis Pro APK is a wallpaper-based application that lets you choose manually among over 3000 high-resolution images and 4K wallpaper quality to use as your wallpaper. It also enables you to use your customizable photos for your wallpaper with the application of random filters and effects on them beautifying the images, thus decorating the phone. This list of pictures is continuously updated with new content that you are guaranteed to like.

Casualis Pro APK has some extra functionalities that can be used if you buy them. These additional perks will go a long way to ensure that your photos are adequately edited with the right features and filters, making them way better looking for your wallpaper.

App Details

NameCasualis Pro
Size3.5 MB
Updated onDecember 01, 2023

Download Casualis Pro APK Latest Version for Android

Casualis Pro APK is available for all Android devices above android 4.1. While you would need a paid subscription to upgrade to the premium version from the basic one, I will be providing you with a link to download the Pro APK for free. The premium version contains extra features and perks that are a joy to explore and use. While it might not be the official app, this app grants you access to all the features that the basic version lacks. 

Enjoy an incredible and electrifying experience and awesome wallpapers displayed with limited ads that tend to make things annoying and a little bit frustrating.

Download the latest version of Casualis Pro APK below.

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Adding effects to the wallpapers


Whether using wallpaper of your choosing from your gallery or perusing through the app’s database and making a choice from this, Casualis app lets you customize the photo before using it as your wallpaper if you desire to. Casualis Pro APK has some pre-installed features and perks that come in handy to customize your photos.

These filters include using a painting tool or a color adjustment to the photo for its enhancement. Casualis Pro APK lets you preview the changes to the picture before using it as a wallpaper. Some of the filters provided by Casualis Pro App include art filters, black and white, sepia, invert and also sketch: a filter that will make your photo look like a drawing. So, go on, download the app, and explore these effects to enhance your wallpapers and enjoy this fantastic and exciting experience.

Auto wallpaper change


Casualis Pro APK allows its users to use this fascinating feature of having their wallpapers automatically changed with a simple phone shake. Another option is by use of a widget to change the wallpaper. This feature will help you beautify your phone look with style. These features are available in the premium version, but using the link provided will give you a free PRO version of this app to explore and enjoy.

Small APK

Casualis Pro APK is small and lightweight. Its installation APK is about 3MB. This will go a long way in saving you of data as you download it, and sharing it with your friends will be more comfortable.

Constantly updated database

Casualis Pro APK derives its photos from a variety of sites including:

  • Unsplash
  • Bing
  • Chromecast
  • Pexel
  • Nasa

These photos are updated continuously to your liking, and the images are already sorted into various genres for ease of convenience.

The images available on the latest version of the App are of 4K quality, providing you with great wallpapers to use.

Manual selection


Casualis Pro APK lets you choose your wallpaper manually despite having the feature of setting random wallpapers. You can go through the app’s endless genres and database looking for the perfect photo to go with your phone’s screen.

Extra Features Purchased


Purchasing the premium version of Casualis Pro APK comes with its goodies. You can browse through all the available photos. You are also able to filter and enhance these wallpapers with better enhancement tools before usage. All were unlocked by default, and you don’t need to do anything.

A stylish and simple look


On the installation and opening of Casualis Pro App, you are met with the smooth effect of the scroll reveal of the app’s icons on the index page. This effect is excellent as the icons slowly and gently fade in nicely into the home page. These icons are the links to more of the app’s functionalities, and their arrangement is made outstandingly. They are arranged in a star-like way that is beautiful and catchy to the eyes of the users.

The developer put effort into this stylish design. On clicking the ‘choose wallpaper’ icon, you are redirected to a library of pictures and potential wallpapers from various sources. They are arranged in an ordered list from different sources. There is also an option of setting a random wallpaper on your wall that is also handy if you lack time to go through all the available pictures.

The algorithm developed to pick out and put a random wallpaper is intelligent and will base its choice on the most recently used wallpapers guaranteeing that you will like the chosen wallpaper. Its simplicity is aimed to minimize complexity and allow the users to use it more comfortably.

Keep a library


Casualis Pro App has the option of letting you store your favorite wallpaper. It also keeps tabs on the recently used wallpapers so that you can peruse through it and even re-use the one you were not over yet. The ‘My wallpaper’ option also allows you to import your own customized set of wallpapers and organize them into folders for easy accessibility with Gallery PRO.

This is a sure and organized way to ensure that no picture used as wallpaper is ever lost.

Final words

If you are looking for the Auto changing wallpaper android app, then the Casualis Pro is the best option that fetches your beautiful walls from different sources. Also, we have shared AmoledPix 4K Mod App, which is one of the best in the market. Kindly check if you are a customization freak.

If you like the app, ensure to give it a good star rating and show some love on Facebook so that more of your friends can enjoy the exciting appearance of their screens lighting up whenever a motivation comes in.

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