Roblox Mod Menu APK 2.589.593 Download (Unlocked)

If you’re thirsty for adventure, creativity, and excellent interactivity, many games offer exciting experiences. However, only a few can provide you with the ability to create your non-scripted adventure and explore your imagination throughout the game. The Roblox Menu APK is an extraordinary experience that offers players a chance to game differently and other Android games.


What is Roblox Menu APK?

The Roblox Mod Menu app is a Roblox game that allows gamers to unlock extraordinary abilities for their game characters. These abilities that would’ve otherwise been paid for using Robux can now be unlocked free of charge with the flick of a switch. From the ability to fly, teleport and walk through walls, you can explore various exciting experiences using this Mode Menu.

Version Info

Size94 MB
Last updatedDecember 01, 2023

Download Roblox APK Latest Version for Android

The Mode Menu APK gives your character unimaginable power that comes with no responsibility but your imagination on how to use it. You can download the latest version of Roblox Menu APK from the link provided below.

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Frozen Screen

Whenever you move your character, the screen moves with them. However, if you’d like to change the camera’s angle and only view your character from one point, this feature will help. It freezes the screen into position, and sometimes other characters on the screen may freeze as well.

Walk through walls


Once this feature is turned on, literally nothing can stand in your way. You can walk through walls and enter buildings without using the front door. If you’re climbing down a long staircase in a building with no elevator, all you need to do is jump while the feature is on. This would let you fall through the stairs to the ground floor.

Multiple jumps


Roblox Mode Menu has Multiple jumps feature which allows your character to jump as many times as you’d like. However, every time you tap on the jump button, you jump higher than your previous trial. The best thing is that you won’t fall back to the ground until you let go of the jump button for a while.


Add a touch of superman but without the cape. This feature lets you fly to any height and in any direction you desire.

Snake mode

Are you tired of walking? Why not try slithering around like a snake in any direction and make everything fun to you but weird to your friends.

Explosion mode

If you fancy seeing how you would be thrown around during an explosion, this feature in Roblox Menu can help. Your character will be tossed about nonstop like a garbage bag until you turn it off.

Teleport when you touch the wall

With this feature on, you will teleport every time you touch a wall. You would probably teleport into the building at times or somewhere else completely unexpected.

Drawing lines in the sky

If you’d like to get creative with your environment, you can turn this feature on, and lines will be drawn all over the sky.

No body/leg/arm

Using either of these features, you can opt to take away your character’s body, legs, or arms in the game.

Bunny Hope mode

Ever tried hopping like a bunny? Well, this feature will show you how to do it right because your character will hop instead of walking through the streets.

Dance when climbing an object

This is a freaky yet satisfying feature that lets your character dance anytime they’re climbing an object. It could be the stairs or a ladder; either way, they will get down and boogie all through.

Final Words

Roblox Menu application is a unique mode that comes with many other activity games for your entertainment. Connect with your friends and share the wonders that you can get out of this game.

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