Minecraft Mod Menu APK Download (Unlocked)

Minecraft gave people what other games couldn’t, freedom and space. On this platform, players can go anywhere, build and do anything they’d like. There are no limits and no scripted missions. All you’d have to do is survive the common zombie attack during the night, which gives the game that extra kick. With significant gameplay comes with better modes. The Minecraft Menu APK is a free and fantastic mode menu designed for Minecraft players.


What is Minecraft Menu APK?

The Minecraft Menu APK is an alternate Minecraft version that comes with all resources unlocked for free. Players can access any resource and become invincible while playing the game. Build a world unlike any other and craft up your dream island for a fantastic experience. Anything goes with the Minecraft Menu APK, which also happens to come for free.

Version Info

NameMinecraft Menu
Size115 MB
Last updatedDecember 01, 2023

Download Minecraft Menu APK for Android

The Minecraft Menu APK is available for all Android devices free of charge. The resources are already unlocked, and therefore, players don’t need any paid version to unlock it. We, The team behind the HappyMod android store, make sure that every mod works perfectly fine. So, What are you waiting for? Download the latest version of Minecraft Menu APK from the link provided below.

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God Mode


Tired of running away from deadly zombies who are hard to kill, especially when they attack as a herd? Perhaps you’re fed up with fighting off skeletons whose arrows drain the life out of you faster than anything in the game. Finally, don’t forget that you can’t breathe underwater for extended periods without drowning and dying slowly before getting back up for air.

Well, there’s a solution to all of this. With the Minecraft APK, you can enable God Mode, and your character will be invincible. Nothing will stand in your way. Zombies might attack in the night, but you won’t end up with a scratch; skeletons might shoot their shot and still do not affect you. You can swim underwater for as long as you’d like without any consequences. You would technically be a god in the game and do whatever you want and whenever you want.

High Weapon Damage

Usually, it takes a couple of swings to kill your prey. Sometimes the animal might even run away after the first hit forcing you to start chasing after them. Similarly, killing zombies and skeletons while in your immortal state can be challenging, especially if they’re coming after you as a group. Minecraft APK offers a high weapon damage feature that gives your character one-hit kills. Anything you hit once will die instantly, be it a zombie, skeleton, or those creepy and massive spiders in the dark. Fishing is even easier with this feature because all you have to do is hit the fish and swim after the prize.

Unlocked Resources


You can now craft anything and everything in the Minecraft APK because all resources have been unlocked. You no longer have to go through various levels to unlock specific resources. With this application, everything has been unlocked for you to craft as long as you have the right materials.

Unbreakable tool

Dig, dig and dig all day long. With the Minecraft APK, each of your tools becomes unbreakable. Whether it’s made of wood, stone, or metal, you can dig and mine anywhere and anything all day long without breaking a sweat. Fill your inventory with raw materials and durable craft tools of any kind for every task.

Final Words

Stand tall and raise your kingdom or go around taking over other islands. Alternatively, you can even decide to sit back, relax and enjoy the view for a change. With Minecraft APK, you are free to do anything and everything you desire.

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