Top 2 The Best Free VPN’s for Android

VPN is a needed app for an Android device or any smart device to access some content around the web. Yes, many countries restrict some sites like social sites or other piracy sites and you can name them if you have experienced them before. For example in India, you won’t have access to privacy and torrent sites.

This is because to protects the original content. So, if you want to access those sites and would like to know the content that is inside, then you must have a VPN app installed on your Android device. This will unlock the restricted sites when you point the server location to other countries where it can be allowed to access.

Top 2 The Best Free VPNs for Android

There are a lot of paid VPNs available in the market, such as ExpressVPN which does the job perfectly but free VPNs are not that much efficient when it comes to unblocking. So, we tried and picked the best free VPN apps for android device which provides high-speed servers.



The first and the best one on our list is TurboVPN, and it is available for free in the Google Playstore. Offers unlimited bandwidth for the users in the free plan, and there is no capping after you reach a certain limit. Over 3 Million users trusted this TurboVPN and encrypt your data with open protocols (UDP/TCP)

If you are looking for speed while downloading content from the web, then this is the one which gives you good speed with unlimited bandwidth.

Available for Android and iOS platforms. When it comes to privacy which means tracking your footprints, it isn’t recommended by many tech professionals. So, if you want to use it only to bypass the restrictions, then it is suitable for you.

But not for security and privacy. For these parameters, you should go with paid tools like NordVPN and ExpresVPN.

Remember one thing free tools always come with some limitations.



ProtonVPN is a brand new VPN app for Android and a privacy-focused service that is available to multi-platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, and Linux.

Features are really impressive, and they claim to not sell your data to third parties, have no ads, record your browsing history and finally, have unlimited bandwidth. It was created by the ProtonMail team, which is an encrypted mail service. So, these guys might give what they promised in the form of features.

For speed, we recommend TurboVPN.

For Privacy, we recommend ProtonVPN.

Now, choose the right one for your daily routine.

By the way, these two VPNs are available in our Happy Mod Market for Android devices.

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