Brave App: The Best Web Privacy Browser [Review]

These days many browsers are likely to sell your browsing data to third parties, including giant e-commerce sites. Meanwhile, some of them try to provide advertisements while browsing content or pop-ups like that. These are really annoying, and users tend to opt out of them.

Just because of irritating ads and a lack of trust in how they utilise the user’s data. In this situation, we badly need a browser that is trusted and provides features like complete privacy protection.

So, Brave App is the number 1 application that provides what users want actually. Luckily it is based on the Chromium browser – an open-sourced browser for Android and remaining platforms.

So, we would like to review a Brave app for Android devices.


What is Brave App?

The Brave app is a complete privacy-focused web browser for Android devices that is based on the Chromium open-source project. This chromium project was developed and maintained by Google. Also, Chrome is also based on the same project and Chrome has some serious trackers which always track your footprints while browsing through it.

So, Brave is recommended if you are concerned about your data. The best thing is the developers of this app partnered with DuckDuckGo which is also a privacy-focused search engine and the best alternative to Google Search.

Brave is also available to other software operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and iOS, along with Android.

It was co-founded by the creator of Javascript developer Brendan Eich and he is a former CEO of Mozilla Firefox.

Well, let see what are features it is offering now.


Once you enable this option in the privacy settings, you won’t get any type of ads from any ad platform. This can also block YouTube in video ads, which is a major benefit to YouTube viewers. So everyone can enjoy videos without any distractions.

Publisher tokens

Brave has a partner programme that allows users to earn money if they refer someone to Brave. The referee must use the web browser for at least 30 days to give referring money to the referrer.

The publisher must have a YouTube channel to be eligible for this program, and there are no particular limitations for subscriber count. So, everyone can apply for this program.

Sign up for a publisher account for free from here.

Earn money with ads


User has a chance to earn money when they allow ads to appear on the web pages and push messages. In this way, the Brave team provides shares to the users if they opt for the Brave Rewards.

Just join the Brave Rewards program and then it will create a wallet for you. However, it uses a cryptocurrency known as BAT but you have the option to choose your preferred currency while transferring to your Uphold account.

Brave only supports Uphold wallet to withdraw your BAT tokens, and you can set the things in the Uphold account.

These web browsers are available in our app stores.

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