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We can always tell whenever our smart devices receive a notification because the screen lights up even when it was previously off. However, sometimes this feature tends to go unnoticed, forcing us to miss important or urgent notifications that require urgent attention or immediate replies. However, there is a fun and extremely noticeable way through which your screen can notify you of an incoming text through the True Edge Pro APK and this guarantees that you would always see it coming.

True Edge Pro APK Download Latest Version for Android

What is True Edge Pro APK?

True Edge Pro app is a screen notification app that comes in the form of edge lighting on your screen and can be customized into various styles as well as colours. The Pro APK is a premium version of the basic app found on the Play Store as it contains all the features that the free app lacks such as the absence of ads among other features.

Some of the Pro features that we unlocked is Fingerprint unlock, Show Notifications Icons, Edge Styles, and removed advertisements. I hope you enjoy our True Edge Mod APK and can be downloaded for free of cost from our website.

App Details

NameTrue Edge Pro
Size5.6 MB
DevelopernewGen Mobile
Last updatedDecember 01, 2023

Download True Edge Pro APK Latest Version for Android

True Edge Pro APK is available for all Android devices and while you would need a paid subscription to upgrade to the premium version from the basic one, I will be providing you with a link to download the Pro APK for free. Enjoy an awesome and electrifying experience with no ads to make things annoying.

Download the latest version of True Edge Pro APK below.

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No ads at all

True Edge Pro has No Ads at all

In the general version which normally you can download from the Playstore has ads. But, in our True Edge Pro version no ads at all. This the good thing if you want to use the application peacefully. Also, there is no restrictions like watch ad to unlock pro feature for a period of time.

Set Schedule


If you prefer to have a fixed timeline for when the application would function according to your preferences, you can always set a schedule. Set the start time and end time within which the app will function and would turn off once the time limit has been reached. This is, of course, an optional setting and without it, the True Edge would be on at all times.

Blacklist Apps

Blacklist Apps

True Edge also gives you an option of choosing which apps you want to block from activating “True Edge” on notifications. This way, if you’re trying to avoid or ignore the notifications from a specific application, you wouldn’t have to concern yourself once the messages start coming in because the dashing light on True Edge won’t show.

Notification Reminder Delay


This setting would activate the app on the selected interval until a notification is cleared or viewed. You can have the intervals set for a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 30 minutes or even choose to disable it. However, the notification reminder would deactivate automatically after 2 hours in order to conserve battery life.

Missed Call Notifications


This feature allows True Edge to show missed call notifications but also prevents the app from activating during calls. For those afraid of privacy infringement, True Edge respects everyone’s privacy and does not collect, monitor or even save phone calls.

Inspiring quotes


“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” These were some of the strongest words of inspiration uttered by Thomas A. Edison, and True Edge brings you a variety of different inspiring quotes by famous individuals every time you close and reopens the app.

Dark Mode


The app also comes with a dark mode them that can be activated by tapping the moon and star icon on the top right corner once you open the application. This should help keep your eyes in good condition enabling you to see much better at night.

Edge Lighting Customization and Preview


The True Edge Pro gives its users full control of it’s lighting by allowing them to customize the features that would be included on the screen whenever a notification comes in. One can change the edge mode from smooth to dashed and even choose an edge style between the many different options available such as crash, stable, bubbles, paw prints, ripple, bounce, circle among others.

Set a timeout for each light display or disable it and allow the lighting to stay on until the message is cleared or viewed. Disabling the timeout would, however, consume more battery life. You can also adjust the various aspects of the edge such as corner top and bottom radii, border size and edge speed. Go further ahead and customize the edge color mode by picking the various colors that would be included in the lighting.

Once you’re satisfied with your adjustments, you can tap on the rocket icon located on the bottom left corner of the main menu and this would allow you to get a preview of how your screen would light up whenever you receive a notification.

Final Words

True Edge Pro APK is the decent personalisation application for android devices also supported various types of screens like Notch, Water Drop, Samsung Infinity O display and more. So, you want to lighting the that edge screen? then this could be your best pick which offers unlimited colors.

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