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We all tend to have a personal playlist of different handpicked songs in our heads that we deem to be the best. However conservative some people may be, I don’t think there is anyone in this musical era who has no taste for music because you can literally find every instrumental, song and vocals online. One of the most popular online activities would be streaming music and some famous services like Spotify are considered top-dogs from where all your musical desires can be satisfied.

However, the major disadvantage that embezzles such services is the fact that almost all of them are paid. This means that with their free or basic version, you would only have limited access to some of the features that a paid premium subscription offers.

Users tend to get annoyed whenever they are charged to download songs in high-quality sound; thus, forcing them to seek other free alternatives, which can end up being a disappointment. However, today I would be introducing you to a powerful, and most importantly, free music streaming and downloading app called Fildo APK.

fildo mod apk download latest version

What is Fildo Mod APK?

Fildo is a powerful mp3 downloader for Android devices that allows you to stream and download music of all kinds. One might compare it to other downloaders or music streaming apps, but the thing that makes Fildo stand out from everyone else is how it does not host any mp3 files but is, instead, an interface to third party mp3 search engines. The APK gathers music from different sources online and provides them to you at your disposal.

While Fildo is an amazing app, the Fildo APK is a much better version that upgrades your user experience by providing more satisfying features that the original application lacks. We have removed audio advertisements as well as the banner ads. So, you can get the best music experience.

Version Info

Size46 MB
Updated onJanuary 01, 2023

Download Fildo APK Latest Version for Android

The Fildo APK app is available for download in Android devices, and I will provide you with a safe and link to the latest version because, sadly, it isn’t available on Google Play Store. Enjoy the pro features that the APK has to offer and listen to your favourite tracks over and over again from wherever region you might come from.

Download the latest version of Fildo APK below.

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Free music streaming


One of the best reasons for downloading the app is the ability to freely stream music at any time and from anywhere without having to create an account. All you have to do is download and install the APK and get unlimited access to online streaming of any type of song for free. This is especially useful for those with low storage capacity on their devices and thus have no other option than to stream.

Mark albums as favorite


While other mp3 downloaders only limit you to favorite a song at a time, you can do much more with the Fildo APK. Mark entire album as favorite and it would be fully-added to your list.

No Ads


Audio advertisements are annoying when it comes to streaming music. Most of the time, they’re previous songs that don’t quite live up to your preferences and a significant number of the streaming apps implement such features. However, Fildo APK offers users an ad-free environment allowing them to maximize on their streaming sessions without any distractions.

Last 100 playlists


Get access to some of the best playlists online and explore the music tastes of different people using the app. You might find something you like but never knew you would. These playlists contain songs from different genres and are deemed to satisfy your musical cravings.

Import Spotify and NetEase


If you’re looking to import your songs or playlist creations from Spotify or NetEase, you can always do so using the app. The unlocked premium features would allow you to import and download anything from Spotify as long as you log into your account.

Change background


After a while, you are deemed to get bored with the background that such apps have to offer, even with Spotify. However, with the Fildo APK, you can alternate between different backgrounds and enjoy the change.

Download entire albums

Fildo mod allows you to download album

The songs provided on this app are usually hosted on other sites or services, which means that it provides you with the links to download it freely without having to visit those sources. You can even go a step further and download the entire albums of your favorite artists and they will be stored onto your device.

Final Words

With regular updates, unlimited downloads and free music streaming, one can only wonder the musical possibilities that they can achieve using Fildo APK. Download the app today and enjoy a lifetime supply of every trending sound on the internet like no other.

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